Sunday, June 12, 2011

Introduction and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my little blog.  I love blogs - beauty blogs, craft blogs, gaming blogs - I follow a ton of blogs. I never expected to start one though. However, after following a number of beauty blogs for a little over a year, I noticed that, while there are plenty devoted to makeup, there aren't whole lot devoted to perfumed products. Of the few out there, most primarily deal with mainstream mass produced perfumes. I love finding opinions and feedback on various good smelling things, and I'll bet other people do too. So I decided, hey, I love indie perfume and bath products and I own a metric boatload of them, maybe I can help fill in that empty gap a bit. So this blog will be primarily devoted to things that smell, preferably things that smell good - perfumes, soaps, scrubs, lip balms, bath products - you get the idea.

Let me show you around.
I have a list of the various shops I like to frequent - mostly Etsy, a few Artfire and a few with their own pages. I have a list of blogs I follow, but it is by no means comprehensive. I just picked a few of the sites I read that sometimes include reviews of perfumes and bath/body products. For the full list, just scroll down to the bottom, where it says 'view my complete profile.' And if you know of any blogs that review/discuss/spotlight indie perfumes and bath products, send me a link!

All of my opinions will always be my own and your mileage may vary. Especially with fragrances, opinions can be highly subjective - the very thing I love about a product may be the thing you hate, or vice versa. I hope you will find my reviews interesting and informative and I will always welcome any constructive criticism and suggestions.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I adore scents. I noticed you shop at Black Bacarra as well. Are you going to be reviewing her soon? She just released some lotions.

  2. Oh yes - I adore her scents - I have a ton of samples and a few full sizes - I saw the lotions, I'll be ordering some just as soon as the budget will allow!