Friday, June 24, 2011

Stuff you know you want

Who stole my week?

Seriously, wasn't it Tuesday, like, yesterday? Was I abducted by aliens and missed a couple of days? That would explain a lot.  Any way - here's some cool stuff that every geek and soap/B&B lover NEEDS:

+2 extra clean - Geeksoap

Photos courtesy Geeksoap

Digital Soaps

Photos courtesy of DigitalSoaps
Luxury Lane Soaps - I have one of the Carbonite Soaps - I've never used it - it's way too cool for that.

Photos courtesy Luxury Lane Soaps

Geeky Clean

Photos courtesy Geeky Clean
Two Eggplants

Photo courtesy Two Eggplants
Cleaner Science (it glows in the dark - how cool is that)

Photos courtesy Cleaner Science 

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